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'Eating is a taste experience:
the sum of flavor, appearance, texture & basic tastes, influenced by THE CHARACTERISTICS & NEEDS OF THE EATER AND THE CONTEXT OF time & place.'

[Wouter Veldman]
1 : 1 Coaching
I started doing 1-1 consulting sessions, next to the bigger projects at Kookinspiratie.

A sparring session with an external expert is super effective for moving forward when things get stuck.

My first clients are cooking startups and a restaurant owner and I am looking forward to support more clients on a regular base.
Home office, Nov 2022
Hospitality Webinars via DISH (METRO)
Over 20 live webinars have been organised for the DISH platform from METRO / Hospitality Digital, supporting independent restaurant owners to champion their business.

Düsseldorf & Home office, March 2021
Hospitality, Content, & Community
For a year I have worked on a restaurant platform, providing support to independent restaurateurs, guiding them to use digital tools, keeping them informed about Covid-19 and sharing tips and tricks to deal with the huge challenges restaurants currently have.

This role consists of product owner work, content management and a bit of marketing. I have been setting up the content production process single-handedly and managing a small team of external contributors, copy-writer and back-end support. This restaurant blog section can be viewed on DISH.co, the platform by Hospitality Digital, which is a METRO company.
Home office, Jan 2021
Oven Technology & Cooking
I have been advising a company that develops components for many well known oven brands. How does a particular technology help the cooking at home? Which cooking strategies are possible and what are the key relevant dishes that needs to be tested? Kookinspiratie made a bridge between technology and cooking, connecting the engineers with the end-user!
Berlin, March 2019
Technology & Gastronomy
Since April I started doing projects for Hospitality Digital, a company of METRO, working on digital tools to support de independent hospitality professional. The work involves user research, conceptualization, strategy, community & content.
Berlin - 2019 & 2020
Work space of Kookinspiratie @Fabriken, Weichselplatz Berlin - An inspiring place with creative independent entrepeneurs.
Updated: We still love coming here, but we now moved to Hamburg area.

Berlin, March 2018
Working on a Cooking - App for Philips
Since January, I am working for Philips kitchen appliances again, to support the NutriU - App, for the Airfyer. It is fantastic to work with this appliance again, the product I know so well from the time when I worked closely with development and marketing to make this appliance locally relevant and looking at ways to improve the product from a culinary angle.
Like most of my projects, the work goes beyond 'just' developing and styling recipes, I have set up the content workflow, I am managing the global culinary content and the app-community in Germany.

Next to this project, I continue to be available for other clients to inspire, advise, or co-create wonderful food and cooking related products and services.
The Philips team in Klagenfurt
Working with the Philips Airfryer
Content strategy based on user needs @METRO, Düsseldorf
Past activities...
Kookinspiratie served food design at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, 2016 - United Nations & Dutch Design Fonds
Fields of expertise
How can we work together?
  • Product development
    To bring a food concept to the next level: We have created the flavour combinations for food products and developed the features of several cooking appliances.
  • Product testing
    What are relevant recipes for your product?
    Showing you how and what consumers will cook with your product or to improve for example your menu settings to make your product more relevant.
  • Recipe development & photography
    Developing recipes that bring out the most of your product, and produce photos or video's you need for guiding recipe books and (social) marketing.
  • Market research & consumer insights
    Kookinspiratie offers various design research tools to analyse your market and target group and to create concepts based on the insights.
  • Food design
    Taking the design approach to create food for the occassion, this leads to a unique eating experience.

  • Join or lead a workshop
    Invite 15+ years of expertise in innovation with food and cooking products to your workshop.
Olive harvest - A photoshoot in Spain
Do you ever wonder how exactly olive oil is being produced? Well, I did! Therefor I was excited when the Family Richter asked me to join them during the harvest and make photos of the process.

Find out more about this project and how Olive oil is made here!
Working with wonderful companies
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About me & Kookinspiratie
I am an industrial designer focused on creating consumer products. I specialised in the domain of cooking during university, when I worked in a restaurant and obtained my cooking degree. Since that moment, 14 years ago, I started focusing mainly on food and cooking related projects.

The design engineering background thought me all about fabrication, materials, marketing, consumer research and art. Moreover, we are trained to be "integral design professionals" we switch well between marketing and research & development teams, understanding the big picture, the objectives as well deep diving into the content, in my case that is food.

My goal is to connect innovation with the end user, by making sure that new products are actually meeting the needs of the end user. So far I have created unique restaurant and catering concepts, my recipe are shipped with with various cooking appliances all over the world; I have created menu's of a food box company and worked out the menu structure of a food delivery company in Berlin. In the supermarket you can buy cheese with my flavour combinations, I provided inspiration to companies like Heineken and Old Amsterdam. I am looking forward to collaborate with many more exciting people, brands and companies to create meaningful products and services.
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Lunch menu inspired on Theater happenings,
for Theaters Tilburg
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