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"3 Worlds I love working in:
The corporate (consulting, building on ideas),
the kitchen (recipe developing & photos)
and the consumer world (research, insights, trends). "

Community building in an App for Airfryer recipes
Philips has launched the NutriU Recipe App. For the German market I have produced the recipes under the Philips account and have organised activities to build a community of app-users, who can also upload recipes themselves. Meanwhile, the App is starting to become a main platform for recipe sharing for the Airfryer in Germany. It is fantastic to see the results of the work!
Fooddesign at the Architecture Biennale in Venice
Kookinspiratie / Wouter Veldman created the food for the UNHabitat meeting during the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The food was inspired on the project that were presented. Food elements, functional bites in spheres and blocks with flavour infusion from the 5 locations where the projects took place.
Cooking appliances: support marketing and innovation teams with cooking knowledge and innovation skills
Examples of cooking appliances and performed activities and results.
Yoghurt maker
Matching yoghurt and cheese making profiles with appliance heating profiles and features.
General support for innovation team to create cooking profiles. Briefing external recipe writers.
Forming the bridge between the innovation team and culinary knowledge - habits and recipes - resulting in new innovation ideas, improved communication towards customers, local recipes and accessories.
Philips Jamie Oliver Homecooker
Support marketing with input for communication strategy, direct external recipe agencies, writing script for cooking demos, demonstrate the appliance at shareholders presentations and the management board
Flavour combinations for Maaslander Kruid & Pit
Maaslander has launched their Kruid & Pit range, you can buy this at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands!
The flavour combinations have been created by Kookinspiratie, very proud to see the result in the supermarket!
Setting up the menu structure for SMUNCH
Smunch is a Smart Lunch delivery company in Berlin: "Every day food from a different restaurant will be delivered to the workplace, matching individual diet needs."

Kookinspiratie helped setting up this Berlin start-up from the kick-off phase with all food related aspects: Defining the type of food that leads to a productive lunch, design a menu structure that matches relevant diet needs, collaborating with restaurants to create meals that suit this menu and creating a food photography working protocol.

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Kookinspiratie has developed the recipe book for Philips Soupmaker, a handy appliance that can make a puréed soup in about 20 minutes. The recipe booklet comes free in the box with the Soupmaker.
Recipe development
Over 7 years of recipe development projects. Books and apps have been developed for Philips and Morphy Richards. Wouter has also been leading recipe projects for Philips, online recipe platform Allrecipes and foodbox delivery company Marley Spoon.
Kookinspiratie has also developed menu concepts for restaurants and recipes for food brands.
NutriU-App: Recipes
for the Philips Airfryer
Philips has reached out to me and asked to support their NutriU - App, for the Airfyer. It is fantastic to work with this appliance again, the product I know so well from the time when I worked closely with development and marketing to make this appliance locally relevant and looking at ways to improve the product from a culinary angle.
Like most of my projects, the work goes beyond 'just' developing and styling recipes, I closely work together with the team to improve the app and grow the community in Germany.
Fresh sodas concept for Science Museum Nemo in Amsterdam
A fresh drinks concept was developed as part of a winning pitch for the science museum - NEMO - in Amsterdam.
The science museum has playful ways to show how science works, especially for children. The fresh soda bar shows how you can easily create a natural flavoured fizzy drinks and make this process visible.
Beer workshop with Heineken
Heineken invited Wouter for a 2 day workshop organised by Happen. Main objective: Create new beer propositions based on consumer insights.
Co-creation session with Unilever Food Solutions
Fronteer organised this co-creation session with chefs, food specialists and the company that offers food solutions for chefs.
Cooking demonstration at Philips Innovation Experience
LECTURE: Food design presentation at Van Berlo design
Inspiring the designers at Van Berlo in Eindhoven, with a designers' lunch and presentation about food design

TEACHING: Culture & Design course at TUDelft
Guest lecture at the Culture & Design course at Industrial Design Engineering, sharing projects as food designer and discuss student projects.
Food photography

The days of using toothpaste in food photography are over. Essential is a good recipe. The current style is natural, real, sometimes even rustic in styling so that you can almost taste the food you see. Yes, these days you can make great photos with only an iPhone and some lighting tricks, we however prefer to shoot the Photos with professional equipment in our studio so that the photos are suitable for publishing as well.

Food photography and styling
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