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Recipe development
This page shows example of recipe development projects. Culinary content for books and apps have been developed for Philips and Morphy Richards. Wouter has also been leading recipe projects for Philips, online recipe platform Allrecipes and foodbox delivery company Marley Spoon.
Kookinspiratie has also developed menu concepts for restaurants and recipes for food brands.
8 Years of recipe development experience
Working with great companies such as Philips, Allrecipes, Morphy Richards, Marley Spoon and several food brands
Specialised in cooking appliances
Understanding the importance of communicating the benefits of the appliance through recipes. Recipes are the guidance and support for using an appliance, therefor it is an essential part of the product.
Developing local relevant recipes for home use
Investigating local food habits in various countries and understand the importance of including "killer recipes" that are traditionally important or currently trendy in specific markets.
A selection of recipe book projects
Recipe books
Recipe book for the Philips Kitchen Machine
Kookinspiratie developed the complete recipe book including photography and layout for various markets in Western Europe.
Recipe books
Recipe book for the Philips Soupmaker
For the Philips Soupmaker Kookinspiratie has produced the recipe booklet that comes with the appliance, offering the guidance and inspiration to start cooking. The recipe book contains 40 recipes, partly rewritten from the first version that came with the Viva range. The book has been translated to 12 languages. For distribution purposes the book contains 3 languages.
Wouter in action with the Philips Noodle maker, photo by Scala
Philips Noodle maker
For this project Kookinspiratie helped design the book, creating a collection of classic local noodle recipes from several regions of the world to inspire a global market. The recipes were developed and the food styling was done. Book design by David van Iersel from De Boekenmakers, set design and photography by Scala.
Recipe books
Recipe book for the Philips Multicooker
Kookinspiratie was involved with the last part of the development of this appliance. After this, recipes were developed and a book has been produced. The layout has been designed following brand guidelines.
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