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Over 10 years of recipe content creation
Working with amazing companies like Allrecipes.com in Seattle, the global kitchen appliance department of Philips, household company Morphy Richards in the UK, and Food box company Marley Spoon in Berlin, Wouter has been in pretty much all roles related to recipe development and food photography. As recipe creator, art director, product tester, photographer and book producer. I love doing everything from start to finish, but also to play one part of the process. My main specialty is to be aware of the target group, to be given a clear challenge, what needs to be achieved with the recipe. This is usually the case when recipes are created for cooking appliances to provide clear guidance & support and getting the most of the appliance, at the same time "keeping it real" it is about the cooking and appliances just support.

Local differences and cooking trends have always excited me and being a dad of 2 boys gives me an even better understanding of how challenging cooking can be in a busy household.
International clients
Working with great companies such as Philips, Allrecipes, Morphy Richards, Marley Spoon and several food brands
Specialised in cooking appliances
Understanding the importance of communicating the benefits of the appliance through recipes. Recipes are the guidance and support for using an appliance, therefor it is an essential part of the product.
Developing local relevant recipes for home use
Investigating local food habits in various countries and understand the importance of including "signature dishes" that are traditionally important or currently trendy in specific markets.
A selection of recipe projects
100+ Airfryer recipes for Philips NutriU
I have been involved with the Airfryer since 2010, back when the appliance was first launched. For their NutriU platform I have developed weekly recipes for Philips and worked closely with the team to bring recipe creation workflows up to speed and guard the quality and boost the community.
Recipe books
Recipe book for the Philips Kitchen Machine
Kookinspiratie developed the complete recipe book including photography and layout for various markets in Western Europe.
Wouter in action with the Philips Noodle maker, photo by Scala
Philips Noodle maker
For this project Kookinspiratie helped design the book. Wouter created classic local noodle recipes from all over the world to inspire a global market. Special focus was to show an abundance of color, possible if you make noodles at home from scratch. The cooking and food styling was done by Wouter at Scala near Eindhoven. Book design has been done by David van Iersel from De Boekenmakers, set design and photography by Scala.

All noodle book photography by Scala
Recipe books
Recipe book for the Philips Soupmaker
For the Philips Soupmaker Kookinspiratie has produced the recipe booklet that comes with the appliance, offering the guidance and inspiration to start cooking. The recipe book contains 40 recipes, partly rewritten from the first version that came with the Viva range. The book has been translated to 12 languages. For distribution purposes the book contains 3 languages.
Recipe books
Producing a recipe book for this Philips Soupmaker / Multicooker.
Kookinspiratie was involved with the last part of the development of this appliance. Wouter worked in Shanghai to test the final version of the prototype and had influence on the menu settings there. Wouter created all the recipes and kookinspiratie produced the book with the brand guidelines of the client.
Co-creation with the global recipe team from Allrecipes in Seattle
One of the more exciting trips for me was to visit Allrecipes.com in Seattle when they were at their peak. If you would search for a recipe back in 2012, you would almost always end up at allrecipes.com. I was send by Philips to collaborate with an international team of recipe developers to gather and create recipes with a new appliance. Super inspiring to be among the foodies of allrecipes in the trendy food city Seattle.
With Jamie Oliver at IFA Berlin
Meeting Jamie Oliver and work with his team as representative of Philips was one of my highlights at Philips. Jamie Oliver was one of the people that inspired me to get into cooking so it was wonderful to meet him. I organised the cooking part of the product demo, using his recipes and instructing a team of presenters at the fair in Berlin.
Experience beyond recipe content production
Before and during recipe content production work I have worked on several projects that are related to this line of work. I have created catering concepts, designed food for specific occasions, created Restaurant and event location menus, developed flavor combinations for food companies, cooked demos to showcase appliances during international events and senior management gatherings, showed my fooddesign at international events such as the Architecture Biennale in Venice and in the Dutch embassy of Berlin.
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