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CODA Dessert Bar:
A cool hotspot
Berlin - 5 reasons why the first dessert restaurant in Germany is worth visiting, even if you are not a sweet tooth.

1 The natural sweetness of vegetable and fruit
Using vegetables in desserts has been in trend reports years ago, but you will not experience a better execution than in CODA. Color from paprika and carrot are often used in industrial fabricated ice-creams but in restaurant it is still rare. Nestlé adds sugar to red pepper for creating a strawberry flavor experience; in CODA the peppers are grilled until their natural sweetness comes out. The sweet and colorful juice then makes a wonderful combination with a crunchy buffalo milk biscuit and grilled peach.

2 Texture is as important as flavour and looks
The thinnest slice of dried aubergine is as crunchy as a waffle and looks much better on a dessert with creamy pecan ice-cream, hearty caramelised aubergine, licorice-salt and apple-balsamic vinegar.

3 Matching cocktails uplift the food and vice versa
CODA manages to create drinks that have the same character as the desserts they pair with. Sometimes the drink in itself is quite challenging. The smokey mezcal-IPA based cocktail was almost like inhaling in a smokers-bar. The sweet potato-mango dessert with brown butter however created a good balance. Challenging aromas in this combination, but with 6 tastings in total, pushing the limits is allowed; even if you crave for the next dessert & cocktail to wash away the smokey after-taste.

4 A tasteful interior design
When you will peak into the kitchen you will notice that everything is organised into perfection. The place located in "Kreuzkölln" is highly functional. Almost like a pharmacy, the ingredients are stored in standardised labeled bottles, boxes and jars. The kitchen only needs 1 or 2 induction plates, some specialised machines, some liquid ice and enough freezer and fridge space. The bar is made with wood, concrete, metal - some gold - and a lot of black. If you need to dance, the restroom is the loudest place in the bar.

5 Mystic aroma's that make you nostalgic at times
The best moment: When the flavours in the dish make you feel nostalgic, without exactly being able to distinguish which flavours from the past they remind you off.
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