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The Planted Steak in the Airfryer and some thoughs about the experience...
I'm always highly interested in the user experience of innovative products. How well is there a match between the need and the product? The gap between products and user needs fascinates me, but also products that seem to be a good match. The planted steak immediately got my attention when I saw it for the first time and I felt the need to share how it is prepared in the Airfryer.

Why is the Planted Steak Next Level? 🥩

  • Deep, Complex Flavors: The Planted Steak showcases why fermentation is a hot topic in food innovation, delivering flavors you’d expect in real meat.
  • Small ingredient lists are the future: and this one has only natural ingredients.
  • Cooking Experience: I tried my first Planted Steak in the Airfryer, and it turned out great—easy, juicy, and delicious. Unlike many other plant-based meat alternatives, it didn't dry out or need a flavorful sauce.

My Thoughts
  • The best so far? While I haven’t tasted all the plant-based meat alternatives due to my gluten-free diet and preference for less processed foods, I’m open to suggestions. The more quality plant-based options, the better!
  • A regular?: Although I wouldn’t eat this regularly because of my sensitivity to some ingredients and my preference for 100% fresh foods, I’m curious about who would. Who would consider this product a regular part of their meal plan? Time will tell, or perhaps some user research could provide insights?

🧡 I'm sharing this with no current affiliation to the brands of the food and Airfryer visible in my kitchen.

👨🏼‍🍳 Curious about the cooking time in the Airfryer? Check out the recipe below

A Simple Recipe for Planted Steak in the Airfryer
  • Ingredients
    1 Planted Steak
    1 tsp. Olive oil
    1 pinch of Coarse sea salt
  • Preparation
    • Brush the planted Steak with olive oil and place into the Airfryer.
    • Set the Temperature to 200 degrees C. and the Time to 8 minutes; Press the Start-button.
    • When ready, sprinkle with coarse sea salt and serve.

    Tip: Using the grill pan accessory of the Airfryer works especially well - Grill stripes ;-). You might want to preheat the pan for 2 minutes prior to airfrying.
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