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Olive Oil Production
Photography for ERES Olive Oil

Wouter Veldman
Do you ever wonder how exactly olive oil is being produced?
Well, I do! Therefor I was excited when the Family Richter asked me to join them during the harvest and make photos of the process. As a bonus, I now have direct access to the highest quality olive oil you can get ;-)
A new challenge for a food photographer
Usually I produce photos of recipes, this time a completely new game plan was needed.

The aim was to create photos from the whole production process and make sure that the family members are photographed in action. This means shooting with wide angles, close-ups, and everything in between. From people to detailed olives, moving objects and still sceneries.
A selection of the photos is shown here to explain the olive oil production process.
The photos are shot in RAW, keep in mind that these are still being optimised to suit the identity of the olive oil brand best.
A filter is created to ensure a consequent style for all the photos.
Véntallo is located close to the Pyranées
The road to Finca Mas Partal
The Picual Olives have the highest Polyphenol content
One of the ancient Argudell trees
Dogs protect the finca
End of Oktober, the olives get ready for the harvest
The olives look tasty but can not be eaten at this stage
3 to 4 branched trees correspon to the intensive cultivation
Nets are places under the trees
Hand shakers are used for a gentle but effective harvest
The olives are captured by the nets
Olives on the nets
The olives are boxed
Boxes of olives
Olivia the donkey is making sure that all goes well
The crated are emptied in the trunk and moved by tractor
The trunk is unloaded in the mill station
Olives are unloaded
Olives are brushed through the fence to start the production line
the belt moves the olives through all the stages
Olives are filtered to remove leafs and branches
The olives will be washed and mashed
After centrifuging the oil is extracted
The proud moment of handing over the first bottle of pressed olive oil
About me
I am a food designer based in Berlin
Find out more about my projects on my website or send me an E-Mail when you would like to get in touch. You can find my details on the Contact-Page.
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